Cayman 718 GTS MONZA TRACK best lap in 2.07min

1 year ago Bastos


Because the gt2 rs was delayed i haved this car gived by the garage to push a bit on track It is a basic porsche with a subaru sound Boxer 4cylinder turbo engine....and it works so well, i haved a lot of pleasure at the wheel!! Video is not perfect about the sound but in real life at hi rpm it feel like a mclaren 570s engine sound from inside, really nice for just a 4 cylinder sound! Perfect balance, perfect braking, so fun to drive easy to power slide etc... 40 laps on Monza with 0 problem even on the brakes, Porsche is definitively the best track ready car on the market. The car was 100% stock 2018 Model and almost new (3000kms) with no camber adjustment and street legal road tire pirelli Pzero ENGINE= BOXER 4 CYLINDER TURBO with 365HP If the cars get trofeo r tire,+ good camber adjustment+ good brake pad/disc and maybe ecu tune at 400HP, on this track we can be close to 2.02min for sure so that's mean close to a 991 GT3 lap time!!

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